Väiksemad küttekulud - 23 933 EUR

Vähem CO₂-heitmeid - 24 216 kg

Vähem kWh - 35,8 (23,6 %)

Aastane energiasääst

Kliendi tüüp Sotsiaalmajutus

Lokaliseerimine Årsta, Stockholm

eGain forecasting™-juhitav piirkond 7 548 m²

Housing Unit Idlången 21

Background and objectives

The housing unit Idlången No 21 is situated in Stockholm, Sweden. It was built in year 1963 and consists of two 13-floor buildings with a total of 96 apartments. The board of the housing unit was interested in finding a sustainable solution to decrease their heating costs. They first got in contact with eGain at a fair in Stockholm.

eGain forecasting™ promised lower heating costs as well as a more even indoor climate for the tenants, so the board found it very interesting. Besides these benefits, they could also get control of the indoor climate by installing eGain sense™.

What does the customer say?

- “Based on the construction of our buildings, the existing equipment and the short payoff time for the investment, we thought eGain forecasting™ would suite our purposes well”, says Tim Jansson, Energy manager at Idlången 21”.

- “By installing eGain sense™ we ensure the quality of the indoor climate by measuring the temperature och humitidy in the apartments. We get a good view of the climate by using the 3D-tool in the customer zone. It has also provided us with valuable information in our contact with the tenants. We decided to install the sensors in all the apartments and the whole installation went very quick and smooth. All we needed was a smartphone, which was convenient.”

- “We are very pleased with the whole solution. The indoor climate in the apartments has improved and we have decreased our heating costs with 23,6%, which is more than we had hoped for. This investment is not only profitable for our housing unit but we have also reduced our CO2-emissions a great deal, which feels very good.”

-”The eGain-team is serviceminded, quick and professional in their support, and the follow up with their energy experts is superb! I can really recommend eGain to other housing units”, says Tim.

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Kliendi tüüp Sotsiaalmajutus

Lokaliseerimine Årsta, Stockholm

eGain forecasting™-juhitav piirkond 7 548 m²

Tim Jansson
Energy manager
Telefon +46(0)766 - 36 99 99