Väiksemad küttekulud - 326 747 SEK

Vähem CO₂-heitmeid 16 198 kg/year

Vähem kWh - 21,8 kWh/m²/year

Aastane energiasääst

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Lokaliseerimine Mullsjö, Sweden

eGain forecasting™-juhitav piirkond 25 581 m²

Mullsjö Bostäder AB

Background and objectives

The town of Mullsjö is situated 25 kilometers northwest of Jönköping and is a perfect place to live if you prefer a quiet and calm neighbourhood and yet not far from a large city. The public housing company Mullsjö Bostäder owns and manages residences and premises all over Mullsjö in both old and modern buildings in various areas.

They intend to reduce their energy consumption until 2016 with 25% compared to 2008. In order to achieve this goal they exchanged some of the heating centrals and reduced the flow in the hot water valves in a couple of buildings. They also decided to install eGain forecasting™ to control the heating.

What does the customer say?

-“I came in contact with eGain in my previous job at another public housing company, Fastighets AB LE Lundberg, and when we began inspecting the heating centrals here in Mullsjö Bostäder we decided to learn more about eGain forecasting™. My previous experience and the estimated energy saving plus a more comfortable indoor climate for the tenants convinced us to try eGain forecasting™”, says Matias Benér, Vice president of Mullsjö Bostäder AB.

-“One of the great advantages with eGain forecasting™ is that you get a quicker response in the facilities when the weather changes and that the system also takes the location of the building into account when controlling the heating. eGain provides professional personal support and their Energy experts follow up the results and gives us suggestions of how we can get even better results.”

-“We use eGain Climate loggers in the apartments to return valuable information back to the system which constantly adjust the calculations to always get the best results. Thanks to these loggers we can control the indoor climate from the office and we can take actions quicker if needed. It is easy to get a good overview of the climate we provide our tenants”, says Matias Benér.

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Kliendi tüüp Kinnisvaraomanikud

Lokaliseerimine Mullsjö, Sweden

eGain forecasting™-juhitav piirkond 25 581 m²

Matias Benér
Vice President
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